Firepit Wines

Firepit Wines

Whilst none of us expected to be confined to a ‘group of six’ this winter there is no reason not to enjoy a drink with friends and family as Autumn sets in and with the new norm now coming in to the winter months, something tells me that the sales of firepits and outdoor heaters will be on the up. An old friend of mine recently showed me his firepit creations inspired from Instagrammer Black Box BBQ, okay so these recipes might not be exactly Vegan friendly but they have certainly caught my eye!

So, with that in mind, wrap up warm, tuck up under a blanket, invite your nearest and dearest over and enjoy these delicious recommendations.


Domaine Desire Petit Cremant du Jura Brut - £19.00 P/Btl

If you are outdoors and the night is fresh, then I would recommend this delicious, rich Cremant from the Jura region. It is rich, biscuity, nutty and soft and go well with food if being enjoyed outside.


Uva Non Grata Gros Manseng - £9.50 P/Btl

For those who prefer whites rather than warming reds on a cold night, then my recommendation would be this Gros Manseng from France. This is an exciting wine, perfect as an aperitif and also something which can be sipped on in the cold whilst enjoying it’s rich and silky complexities. This wine has not seen any oak, but being a thick-skinned variety is a medium-full bodied style perfect for a cold winters evening.


Capcanes Mas Collet - £12.50 P/Btl

Much like the white above, sitting outside during the colder months, needs something smooth, silky and warming. This is an outstanding red from Spain, from the Montsant region of Catalonia and is a blend of Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan. This medium – full bodied red shows barely any tannins, so if you are a fan of super silky reds, then this is for you, yet the fruit quality and structure are there in abundance. Enjoy this with food of course, but this will work equally as well on it’s own in good company! Just remember to cup the glass a bit like a cognac to try and keep the wine a little warmer in the hand!

Mulled Wine Recipe

Of course, if we are sitting outdoors, then we mustn’t forget the classic Mulled wine which will definitely bring on some much needed festive spirit. Last Christmas I tried the mulled wine from The Tilbury in Datchworth who always manage to bring their own twist to something classic. Here is their splendid recipe which is remarkably simple and trust me when I say it hits the spot!

x1 Bottle of red wine

75mls Ableforths Winter Mulled Cup

60g Sugar

Couple of slices of orange

Couple of cinnamon sticks